My name is Christophe Pelletier. I was born and raised in France, so it is rather logical that food plays an important role of my life. Next to that, I have a Master’s degree of Science from AgroParisTech, the French Grande Ecole for Agriculture. I grew up around my family’s butcher shop and I worked many years in many positions in agribusiness over four continents. Since 2002, I have my own business, which focuses on two areas. One is the Future of Food and Agriculture, about which I have written and published two books. The other one is Happiness. I am quite passionate about both topics

Why this website?

Considering how many people have rather unhealthy diet, I would like to share my knowledge of food and nutrition with the public and perhaps help people a little bit to eat better, healthier and this in a quite affordable manner. On my other website, The Food Futurist, I can see that there is a lot of interest for topics on learning about nutrition, on eating habits and on sensible diets. For this reason, I have chosen to dedicate a specific website on these topics.

I now live in Canada where I have a garden and a little vineyard. I use my fruits and vegetables. I cook my family’s meals (as you can see on the Gallery page), I make my bread, I make my own charcuterie, I make my own yoghurt and I make my own wines.

On this website, we will talk nutrition, metabolism, physiology, food groups, cooking, lifestyle and home economics, so that the readers can make healthy gourmet meals for very little money. We will also discuss misconceptions about food and agriculture, and do a bit of philosophy from time to time as well.

Happy Reading and Bon Appétit!